Family Visa


For Wife:

Your employer (or his representative) registered with LMRA needs to apply at LMRA for your wife’s or children’s family visa (Online or at the customer service desk)

Documents Required:

  • A copy of the CPR of the Husband (Both sides)
  • A copy of the wife’s passport (Including the page that has the husband’s name – applicable for Indian and Pakistani Nationals only)
  • A copy of the marriage certificate (notarized from Bahrain’s embassy in the home country, or the expat’s embassy + the dept. of foreign affairs in Bahrain)
  • If the wife had been in Bahrain before and has had a CPR then we need a copy of that CPR too. (The CPR number should be entered in the required field on the application.)
  • The husband’s stated salary registered at GOSI must be more than BD.250 Nett.

For Child:

Employer needs to apply for your child's family visa; they need to fill-in the form and give us with:

Documents Required:

  • Copy of the child's passport (and CPR number if he has a CPR)
  • Copy of the father and Mother's CPRs (Both Sides) Copy of the mother's passport including the latest RP stamp and page 36 or 60 (The one containing Father's name- applicable for Indian and Pakistani Nationals only)
  • Child's birth certificate, and copy of the CPR notification (If any)

Note: that if the child’s passport was issued in Bahrain, it must be first registered at the GDNPR’s office, before filing the application , also for children born in Bahrain , the CPR number is already allocated and printed on their birth certificate (The CPR number should be entered in the required field on the application.)


LMRA can only process visas for expat employees and their direct dependents only the wife and children of the employee can be regarded as direct dependents; this status cannot be extended to parents or brothers, sisters etc

Expat’s Children’s visas can only be issued by LMRA until they reach 18.

Any other type of visa (Like visit visas, investor visas, special cases, children over 18 etc…) is dealt with, directly by the General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residency- GDNPR.

Entry and residency visas are under the jurisdiction of the GDNPR; however, LMRA only deals with work visas for expats and family visas their dependents as a one stop service.

All other types of visas are done outside LMRA and directly at the GDNPR. For more information check the e-visa site: or

This means that the information that we have about you has not been updated in that case the employer needs to submit an e-support ticket through and upload the relevant documents

Female expat employees as well as Bahraini females married to Non-GCC Nationals cannot sponsor their husbands on a “dependent” visa, husbands’ applications must be submitted through any employer as a normal “work visa”.

It is only possible for Female expat employee working in Bahrain to sponsor her children as direct dependants if the children’s father is not a Bahraini or resident in Bahrain. (i.e. the mother is a widow , divorcee , separated etc). These cases should first be referred to the General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residency- GDNPR for special approval before an application can be submitted to LMRA

If an exoat child is born in Bahrain, after obtaining a new passport for the child you need to update their details (and open a file) in GDNPR then apply for the child’s family visa through LMRA. You must enter the correct CPR number on the application (the CPR number is printed on the birth certificate issued in Bahrain)

LMRA, has created the expat portal, for expats to stay informed and connected with LMRA at all times, through the expat portal you will be able to see your details, visa status and expiry date, details of your dependents etc. The expat portal is available here:

There is also a visa status SMS check that is helpful for those without internet connectivity; follow the next link for more details